Changelog of altmails

Major software update of May 17, 2020

altmails has released a new major update today with a couple of features and updates. Here is the break down of what has been changed,

  • One user can only use one active altmails email alias at a certain time. After the user has unsubscribed from the particular alias the user will be able to create another email address. This way altmails keep its system clean and secure from malicious activities.
    • If you already have a couple of emails aliases these changes won't be affected to those addresses. But in case of altmails encounter some suspicious activities the system will automatically deactivate the alias and request your confirmation.
  • Users required to confirm their email address before they start to use the altmails emails alias. This mechanism is placed to prevent linking aliases to unauthorized mailboxes.
  • Users can only reply once for particular email forwarding.
  • altmails has done some enhancements to its spam altogether. And also some alterations to email filtering and email validation algorithms.
  • altmails layout and content updates.